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Toasted Ravioli

Your choice of breaded beef or cheese ravioli served with marinara sauce. 5.99

Ultimate Nachos

Huge! Crispy tortilla chips loaded with seasoned beef, tons of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and olives. Topped with sour cream. 8.50. Sub chicken for 1.00

Italian Breaded Mozzarella Sticks

Crispy on the outside, creamy cheesy goodness on the inside. Served with marinara sauce. 5.99

Chips & Salsa

Crispy tortilla chips served with our homemade salsa. 3.99

Chips & Queso

Crispy tortilla chips paired with piping hot queso cheese dip. A great beginner to any meal. 5.99

Broccoli Chedder Bites

Tender broccoli and creamy cheddar cheese lightly battered and served with a side of chipolte Ranch sauce. 5.99

Fried Pickles

Thick cut pickle slices hand battered and served with our chipolte Ranch sauce. 5.99

Crispy Chicken Tenders

Five large chicken tenderloins, breaded and fried to perfection. Served with your choice of Ranch or BBQ sauce. 6.99

Onion Rings

Homestyle, breaded, sweet onion rings. (Full Basket) 5.99

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Rich and creamy, served with toasted Rye bread. 6.99

Butter Breaded Mushrooms

A large serving of savory breaded button mushrooms, served with creamy homemade Ranch or cheese sauce for dipping. 6.99

Mini Corn Dogs

Delicious mini hot dogs with a sweet cornbread batter. 5.99

Mozzarella Cheese Breadsticks

A huge portion of homemade Mozzarella Cheese Breadsticks. 5.99

Oscar's Sliders

4 mini cheeseburgers made with choice ground beef. 6.99

Fry Basket

Large helping of our delicious French Fries. 3.99